Ways to Look Younger Without Going Under the Knife

We will not discuss a magic remedy to make wrinkles disappear or give a way to have an instant eye lift. Maintaining a healthy body takes work by eating healthy and exercising there is no magic solution unless you are considering plastic surgery.

What makes one perceive a person’s age? Is it the way the dress? Could it be a person’s facial features? Is it the car they drive or maybe their hair color? What if you were viewed as older because of who you hang out with?

In a study conducted called “Person Perception” lead by Professor Dr. Stefan R. Schweinberger and researcher Dr. Holger Wiese the experiment consisted of gathering a group of volunteer testers to determine one’s age by examining there faces by looking at them. The groups were able to visually look at people on a computer.

First, they were shown faces of the elderly, followed by middle aged faces. When the middle aged faces were displayed they estimated their age to be substantially lower than the elderly. Then after they viewed younger faces the middle aged groups age was estimated to be much higher.

Science Daily reports Stefan Schweinberger summing up the results of their findings: “We are able to change the subjective perception of a face.” Nobody knows though how long this effect lasts. Holger Wiese adds: “The age of the person next to you is one of the most important characteristics for our perception of other people. This leads to exciting crossovers into other areas of scientists who are dealing with the interactions of social groups.”

The founder of the Playboy magazine might be surprised by the findings of the Jena scientists. He prefers to surround himself with young women, not knowing that they make him look much older. So Hugh Hefner should surround himself with elderly gentlemen instead, this study suggests.

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