Welcome to my advice blog – email questions to asktina4advice@yahoo.com (emails kept confidential)

AskTina4AdviceI’m glad that you have finally found me.  I’m what some would call a friend, a great listener and someone who has had many challenges in her life that were hard to overcome.

I don’t make judgements on people I just simply tell it like it is and perhaps I have a hard time sugar coating things but sometimes there needs to be no sugar coating.

You may not agree with my advice and that’s fine and I welcome and comments including disagreeable ones.  I’m not mean hearted, simply the opposite, I care about people and want to help them think out any decisions that may have an impact on their lives.  Sure some people don’t heed warnings and those people learn best by making mistakes.

Look at me as if I were a guide and someone who helps you to discover the direction you should be headed.  Please feel free to browse the site for useful articles and previous questions I have answered.  I feel no problem is to small, what is important to you is just that IMPORTANT to you!

Please know that my website will of course remains free.  I will still be answering questions sent to me via email to asktina4advice@yahoo.com within 24 hours.

If you would rather Skype me then you may by adding AskTina4Advice

Also, check out my twitter page AskTina4Advice

Make sure you let others know that you like me on Facebook.

Thank you for your support and love.  I look forward to speaking with each and every one of you.

6 responses to “Welcome to my advice blog – email questions to asktina4advice@yahoo.com (emails kept confidential)

  1. Hello Tina,

    You know me as “Wanna” on EP.

    I promised to give you my email-address.

    Well, here it is. I’ll get back to you.
    When you would want to ask something, please do.

    I listened to your radio-show, the very first one? Funny!! Nice sound-effects too. You do NOT have a personality disorder that I could get aware of.


    P.S: No, we ain’t gonna get married ;) (but you have a twin-sister?)

  2. I’ll send you an shortly, glad you liked the show. The next one will be even funnier!

  3. I love that picture! Between the fishnets, the black and white, and the tree, it’s interesting. Just came across your site now because I liked your response to another blog. Haha.


  4. such a nice Blog.

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